June 20, 2012

Six more people arrested near Tagansky Court House. Irina Kalmykykova, Oleg Pykhtin, Serge Konstantinov, David Abramov, Alexei Kiselev and Maxim Baranov are now held at Zamoskvorechye Police Department.
Yuri Emelianov, Victor Zakharov, Elena Cherepanov, Andrey Pinchuk and Ilya Morozov arrested at Tagansky Court House are brought to the Taganskoye police department.
The police started arresting people near Tagansky Court House where people have gathered to show their support for Pussy Riot. Tagansky District Court is currently reviewing the investigator's motion to extend the arrest for one of the group members. According to witness reports so far 5-6 people have been arrested including Iliya Morozov.

June 13, 2012

Olga Bychkova reports that all journalists arrested near the IC office have been released.
The journalists arrested near the IC office have arrived to the Basmannoe Police Department. According to Olga Bychkova's twitter, the police officers refused to identify themselves while performing the arrest.
Russian journalists Vladimir Varfolomeev, Alina Grebneva, Olga Bychkova, Natella Boltyanskaya, and Alexander Podrabinek were arrested near the Investigative Committee office in Moscow, Irina Vorobyeva reports on Twitter. The journalists were protesting the "forest methods" employed by the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and showing their support for Novaya Gazeta newspaper. According to Varfolomeev's tweets, they are thought to be taken to Basmannoe Police Department.

June 11, 2012

Evgeniya Rakina and Denis Bochkarev arrested at Prospect Mira late last night were released sometime earlier today.
Rustem Adagamov reports police searches at Ilya Yashin's residence.
Police conducted a search at Alexey Navalny's apartment on Monday around 8:00 AM MSK. The entrance to the apartment building is blocked, only those having a proof of residence are let in. Mr Navalny's attorneys Vadim Prokhorov and Olga Mikhailova are on their way to the scene.

The police dispatched to Boris Nemtsov, Solidarnost co-chair, did not find him at his residence. The searches are also conducted at Ksenia Sobchak's residence; two police vehicles are seen at the building entrance.

Civil rights activist Mikhail Maglov is arrested.

Evgeniya Rakina and Denis Bochkarev were arrested at Prospect Mira metro station for writing on the walls. They are currently held at the Novoslobodskaya metro police department.

June 10, 2012

According to Iliya Budraitskis, about an hour the police has arrived at the Pirates Party office. It is thought that the police has acted in response to Daniil Plenin, the chief editor for the party's twitter account registered as electronic mass media (reg number EL #FS 77-46464), distributing press cards to all interested for use while participating in the upcoming Millions March. In the course of "investigative actions", Daniil Plenin was arrested and taken to Kitay-Gorod Police Department to submit a written statement.
As the #оккупаймур pickets continue at Petrovka,  Vadim Dergachev and Daria Gladskih are detained for the second time. According to Dergachev, an officer told him that he is now being arrested in connection with May 6th violence as he matches the description of one of the suspects: "white male seen on May 6 at Bolotnaya Square." In the meanwhile, others detained earlier at Petrovka are no being released from Tverskoe Police Station.

June 9, 2012

Four more people are detained in the course of continuing #оккупаймур picketing at Petrovka. Alisa Obraztsova, Vsevolod Chagaev, Tatiana Volkova and Alex Sheremet'ev are currently held inside a police van near the site. Sheremet'ev as already been detained earlier in the day at the same location, but was released later with no formal charges filed.
Ivan Smirnov, who was detained earlier at Petrovka is transferred from Tverskoe  Police Station to Krasnoselskoe Police Station, Vadim Dergachev says. The police has yet to establish Smirnov's identity since he carried no form of identification.
All persons detained today at Petrovka are released from the Tverskoe Police Station with no charges pressed. Ivan Smirnov, who claims to be an Uzbeki citizen is still held by the police as he failed to present any identification. He will remain at the police station until his identity is established.
Ivan Smirnov, who was among the detained earlier at Petrovka, is transferred from the Trverskoe Police Station to a special detention facility because it is not a citizen of Russian Federation and does not have any identification on him.
Seven people detained near the the Moscow Central Police Office at Petrovka 38 during #оккупаймур pickets are now held at Tverskoe Police Station. Two of them, Vadim Dergachev and Aleksey Sheremet'ev, were also detained during a protest at Petrovka in late May this year and sentenced to 2 and 5 days of administrative arrest. Today's arrests are the first detentions after the new law on meetings has been enacted. The new law imposes harsher penalties including fines of up to 300,000 rubles (roughly $9,000), and community service for participation in "unsanctioned" public rallies.
The police have arrested seven people during picket outside the Criminal Investigation Department at Petrovka 38. The picket at Petrovka #okkupaymur was held to support those arrested in connection with the riots on May 6 at the Bolotnaya Square. Vadim Dergachev, who is among the detained, reports that Daria Gladskih, Alex Sheremetyev, Ivan Smirnov, Julia Vlasenko, Dmitry Korotkov, Elena Glushkov were arrested with him. Presumably the detainees are taken to the Tverskoe precinct.
Two more people, Dennis Lutskevich and Yaroslav Belousov, were arrested in connection with the clashes with the police on May 6. To this moment there are seven people arrested in connection with this case: Alexander Dukhanina (under house arrest), Michael Kosenko, Stepan Zimin, Andrei Barabanov, Maxim Luzyanin, Denis Lutskevich, Jaroslav Belousov. According to the investigators, Denis Lutskevich, Jaroslav Belousov were attempting to break through a police formation and throwing rocks, broken tarmac at the police officers. 

June 8, 2012

Two more suspects were detained in Moscow in connection with the clashes with the police on May 6. According to Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation web site, Mikhail Kosenko and Stepan Zimin are charged with participation in mass riots and use of force against a government official under Article 212 part 2 and Article 318 part 1 of the Criminal Code
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